Council 12524 of the Knights of Columbus was chartered on May 24, 1999.

Fr. Dennis P. Diehl

Rev. Mr. Joseph McKenna (*)

Rev. Mr. Robert Smith, PGK 2006 - 2007

Anthony G. Allman

Anthony G. Allman, Jr. (##)

Doug A. Barth

Steven S. Barth (##)

William J. Blatt, Jr. (*)

Joseph J. Burkert

Robert F. Burnett,  PGK 2002-2003

Marvin S. Clemmer, PGK(#)

Robert N. Crumrine, Jr. (#)

Thomas E. Elchynski, HLM (*)

Theodore N. Geppert(*)

Richard M. Havens(*)

David A. Horvath (#)

Robert A. Kidwell

Robert H. Kita (#)

Thomas K. Lawler

Robert A. Lincoln (#)

John A. Mooney (##)

Timothy J. Morris PGK 2004-2005 FDD 2010-2012

James D. Murphy, HLM

Kenneth B. Noppinger (##)

Carl A. Petchik PGK 2001-2002

Louis M. Pope

Robert A. Quarles PGK 2000-2001

Glenn D. Rolph PGK 2012-2013

Michael R. Warner CGK 1999-2000

Louis C. Yakstis

Robert J. Yorzinski (##)

PGK = Past Grand Knight

(*) - DECEASED                                   (#) - TRANSFERRED                               (##) - WITHDREW

FDD - Former District Deputy   HLM - Honorary Life Member   CGK - Charter Grand Knight


     The Saint Francis of Assisi Council works closely with the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish in Fulton, providing assistance for various projects, members being active participants in the parish, and conducting charitable activities in the community.


8300 Old Columbia Road

Fulton, Maryland, 20759

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